Rentbuyestate A/S presents modern real estate apps

The real estate industry has long occupied a prominent place on the digital pages of mobile apps - gone are the days of searching through ads, cruising real estate agency windows and sleeping to endless showings. 

Finding the perfect place to live has never been easier thanks to a collection of user-friendly apps by our portfolio company, Rentbuyestate A/S, that put the whole real estate market, quite literally, in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent in Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands, there is a range of apps ready to guide your search.

“With mobile real estate apps, you can look for a new place while you're filling your gas tank or waiting in line at the mall. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, you have a lot to choose from. The app is designed for people who want to save a lot of time when they search for rental houses, houses for sale or new business premises. The app also allows you to react quickly, when a new item offers in the market”, says Thomas Barfod CEO at Rentbuyestate A/S.

With its powerful search engines, you can filter your options in a very simple way – you can search through all commercial premises or apartments, adjust your search, save your preferences and share with friends:

“Whether you’re looking for a new house or new workplace, these apps make the search process very easy. You can personalize your search criteria and save the searches that interest you the most, so you easily can browse through matches and create your own lists, that match your criterias. Furthermore, the apps doesn’t require any kind of creation, and can be set very targeted, so you only get notified of exactly the items that you find interesting”, explains Thomas Barfod.

Download the free apps on both App Store and Google Play here:

Clich here, if you’re looking for houses for rent in Denmark:

Click here, if you’re looking for houses for rent in Sweden:

Click here, if you’re looking for houses for rent in the Netherlands:

Click here, if you’re looking for houses for sale in Denmark:

Click here, if you’re looking for housing cooperatives in Denmark:

Click here, if you’re looking for commercial premises in Denmark:

Click here, if you’re looking for commercial premises in Sweden:





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