Profits before tax 10,5 million DKK in 2016

The Denmark-based IT company Rentbuyestate.com A/S, daughter company of Digital Disruption Media A/S, produced its figures for 2016 showing a turnover of about 24 million DKK in 2016, representing an increase of roughly 33 percent from 2015. Profits before tax were 10,5 million DKK – an increase of roughly 43 percent compared to 2014.

In 2016 Rentbuyestate.com A/S continued the successful international expansion.

This came about, in part through the launch of 
www.verksamhetslokaler.se in Sweden and preparing the launch of a housing portal in Germany and a commercial real estate portal in the Netherlands. Both these portals are launched in 2017 but are still in beta – www.wohnmatch.de and www.bedrijfspandenmatch.nl  - and partly through the fine tuning of the organization to new challenges, and in part through intensive development, optimization and sophistication of the software.

“In 2017 we will intensify the expansion. We aim to launch a commercial real estate portal also on the German market and will furthermore increase our efforts to win more market share on all four markets, by innovation and world class marketing and communications. Our goal is to increase result by 100 percent”, says Thomas Barfod CEO for Digital Disruption Media A/S.

New concepts based on the software-core
In 2017 Digital Disruption Media has started developing new concepts based on the same connect-buyer-and-seller market platform software core that is the basis of Renbuyestate.com´s portals.

“Rentbuyestate.com have developed a world class software that is really next to none in all aspects of this genre of software. We will now expand this software out on numerous new markets", says Thomas Barfod. 


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