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Profits after tax was 6.5 million DKK in 2019

Digital Disruption Media A/S had another good year in 2019, where profits after tax accounted for around 6.5 million DKK.

Digital Disruption Media A/S have experienced big growth in 2019, but have also cut about 5-6 million DKK of the profit, by developing - a Danish Job search engine - and - an international search engine for housing rentals.

2019 have also been used to revitalize, optimize and mature all parts of the organisation, making it possible to take the international step.

"Our goal and strategy is very very clear. We want to to experiment with and optimize concepts on the Danish market. The best and most scalable concepts, we want to expand internationally. We have the best concepts, the best working systems, the best employees and the best vendors. The goal is to emerge as a truly international company in 2020", says CEO Thomas Barfod

Profits after tax was 6.5 million DKK in 2019