The SEAMP-technology

A SEAMP (Search Engine And Market Platform) is a search engine that seeks to aggregate all or most of the publicly available items on a given market (for example all vacant houses and apartments), and at the same time functions as an automatic market platform where the users can interact directly with each other about a given commodity.

The SEAMP-technology can be used on many markets and have these ingredients:

1: Advanced crawling technology
- It is a proprietary technology that collects all relevant material that is not directly added to the SEAMP by users.
- It is searching the internet for relevant material in a very dynamic way.
- It is programmed to very precisely evaluate and collect relevant content (for example a vacant property).
- It is programmed to very precisely exclude irrelevant material.
- It contains an artificial intelligence part that ensures that it quickly improves itself in a  dynamic trial-and-error process.

2: Advanced market platform technology
- It matches users with relevant material very dynamically. A user only has to sit back and wait to get notified whenever a new item that matches appears anywhere on the market.
- It is very detailed an optimized in every step and every part.
- It contains an artificial intelligence part, where a given search pattern is translated to the “perfect search pattern” for that user. The algorithms behind it are based on big data analysis, that creates search-archetypes from different patterns. This means that the initial search behavior of users is evolved into “match algorithms” that enable the marketplace to notify the users about all relevant material matching their real – not just their expressed - needs.

3: A soft and embracing "there is room for all" business model
- Users can use many parts of the SEAMP freely. For example, all users can always add their own user generated material into the system for free.
- The many free services and functionalities of the SEAMP give none-paying users many incentives to stay in the SEAMP, which again mean that the user-base of the SEAMP constantly grows. From this great database of none-paying users, the premium users can constantly be harvested.
- The premium model is micropayment subscription based and enhances the user profile and user experience in many different ways: Premium users get faster and better notification, they get access to all parts of the material, they enhance the effectiveness and visibility of their own content, that is placed in the top of all search results.

4: Advanced marketing technology
- It measures and evaluates the effect of all marketing activities very carefully, so that all marketing is optimized and perfect.
- It contains a complex hybridization strategy with outside entities – for example relevant social media.
- It builds up the brand of a given SEAMP after a well described strategy.
- It contains all relevant disciplines (Film, public relations, SEO, social media, ad words et cetera), driven by people with great skills in each area. 

5: A very high degree of automation
- When initial development is finished, all parts of the SEAMP run very automatically and effectively with very low maintenance
- Because the SEAMP is so detailed and have such a great usability, the users understand how to use and need very little help.
- Efficient and optimized support systems ensure that users in need of help get personal and individual help very quickly.